The Tech Assurance Complete IT solution

Your business shouldn’t revolve around maintaining your company’s technology infrastructure – ours should. The Tech Assurance Complete Solution will offer your business these key benefits:

Predictable IT Investment

Would You Like One Monthly Cost for Complete Management?

With the Tech Assurance Complete Solution program, you will no longer face large, often unnecessary and unexpected expenses related to your technology.

Complete Hardware Coverage

No Unexpected Hardware Expenses

With Tech Assurance, the dependability of your devices is a significant priority. Another is predictability of cost. To address both, our program is designed to cover all parts and labor associated with hardware failure. Should you experience a failed hard drive, system overheating, memory failure, power surge, or any other hardware-related issue, then we will service the unit at no cost to you through the life of the agreement. This includes

  • Hard Drives
  • Memory
  • Power Supplies
  • Boards / Processors
  • Switches
  • Routers

Network Health, Performance, and Security Assessment

Keeping Your Data Protected and Your Business Compliant

With new technology comes new security risks, and It is no secret that cybercrime continues to be a prominent problem for businesses of all sizes. However, attempting to understand the most contemporary threats and preventative measures can be a daunting task, and to use valuable resources to do so can be a distraction from the core elements of your business. At Tech Assurance, we understand top security risks, and will develop and implement a protection program aimed specifically at the needs of your business. This can include:

  • operating system updates
  • antivirus protection
  • spam and web filtering
  • hardware firewalls
  • group policy restriction

A formidable challenge of any business is to understand government and/or industry standards of compliance as it pertains to technology, particularly with regard to data security. These standards affect businesses and organizations of all sizes and types, and can result in potentially severe penalties if not met. Tech Assurance will provide technology solutions with this firmly in mind, ensuring your data is secure by the definition of your industry.

Remote and On-Site Monitoring Services

Would it Help if Problems Were Resolved Before They Cause Disruption?

Preventative maintenance plays a pivotal role in the lasting integrity of any IT infrastructure. A workstation, server, or network may appear to be fully operational and problem free; however, there are often hidden issues that can develop into major setbacks that result in lost time and unnecessary expense. The Tech Assurance Complete Solution incorporates 24/7 remote monitoring services for these devices, providing two key benefits:

  • Persistent analysis of the integrity of the server and desktops, including thorough performance of preventative maintenance to avoid significant problems and downtime. When our software detects a matter of concern, our team will immediately investigate and work to settle it with as little interference on your business as possible.
  • A help desk, available 24/7 and based in the US, ready to answer any questions or quickly resolve most software issues that may arise.

As part of our proactive approach, our technicians will schedule periodic on-site visits to your office to physically assess the condition of your equipment and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. With this program in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got your systems covered, and you can focus on what’s most important: your business.

True uninterrupted business continuance

How Valuable is Your Data?

Did you know a recent FEMA report estimates that 40 – 60% of small-to-midsized businesses won’t survive a data calamity? Yet other priorities and financial constraints often push business continuity to a back burner. At Tech Assurance, we can provide you with the disaster recovery solutions you need while you focus on your business at hand.

Total Business Continuance

Don’t Let a System Failure Disrupt Your Business

Our overall goal at Tech Assurance is to ensure the seamless continuation of your business. Can you imagine the devastation if your company’s medical records, inventory reports, customer, patient, or client lists, appointments, and all other critical elements were inaccessible or lost? This is why we’ve designed a backup and restoration method that offers far more than simply data storage.

Back-Up your data as often as necessary

Our solution is focused around complete business continuance. Your data is backed up as frequently as every five minutes through a combination of on-site and cloud based imaging.

Business Continuance means more than just data backup

In the event of a critical situation, the Tech Assurance backup system can also act as a virtual server. This means that while your server problem is quickly addressed, your business will continue to run as usual, and your changes will be synchronized once the issue is resolved.

Hybrid Cloud and On-Site Backup

To Fully Cover All Your Bases

No scenario is impossible – from hardware failure to structural or natural disaster, Tech Assurance will ensure the safety of your valuable data through our hybridized approach to backup and recovery. We provide a local backup device of variable storage in the case of issues pertaining to the server. However, in more severe cases in which the local option is unavailable due to problems with your facility, a cloud-based solution will take its place, offering a virtual server from which you can work offsite.

Industry Compliant Data Backup

Complies with Laws and Government Regulations

Violating government rules for protecting sensitive records at the federal level (such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley) as well as state or local jurisdictions can bring severe consequences. Our business continuity solution goes a long way toward helping you maintain industry compliance.

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